FreeRide Fügen – off the beaten track

The upper class of skiing in powder and extreme snow conditions. We differ in our courses from inexperienced to experts in the area of FreeRide and SkiTour. Approved Guides!


  • The first experiences apart from prepared pistes
  • Learn about the different types of snow
  • Safe riding with good ski technique

Terrain beginners

The beginner program deals with skiing technique and safety in open terrain. The different techniques for the different types of snow will be learned, as well as the correct use of safety equipment and assessment of the alpine dangers.

We recommend units of 3.0 hours per day for a maximum of 6 persons. The price from € 208.00 you divide among yourselves!


  • Existing skills in the terrain correctly implemented
  • Driving on different difficulty levels
  • Reliable situation-appropriate application

Freeriders and Tourers

In our FreeRide Advanced we explore the snowiest and best off-piste spots of the Spieljoch. Whether with touring through untouched nature or with freeriding through spectacular slopes… we find the best lines uphill and downhill!

We recommend FULL DAY PRIVATE for up to 6 persons. The price from € 349.00 you divide among each other!

Freeride Safety im freien Gelände


  • Proper tour planning for driving in alpine terrain
  • Professional handling of the LVS device, shovel and probe
  • Tools and their application in risk management

In open ground

A must for everyone who is outdoors. On the LVS training field powered by BMW directly at the 8er Gondelbergstation we convey the professional handling of the safety equipment in case of an avalanche leak detection.

With 4 participants min. 1,5 hours on Monday € 32,00 per participant

This program is of course also available with a private guide (see private lessons) for freeriders and tour guides.